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ISO 9001: Quality Management System (QMS) Consultants

Are you looking for a way to ensure your customers receive consistent, good quality products and services?  Look no further – leverage our Process Approach and subject matter experts to develop your QMS and obtain your ISO 9001 certification.  First released in 1987, ISO 9001 has had a few updates over the years, with the most current version launched in 2015.  Whether you are seeking to develop your Quality Management System for the first time or needing a refresh to the most up-to-date standards, our team of ISO 9001 Consultants is well-positioned to work with you to meet your goals and obtain your vision.

Shield IS focuses on creating a Quality Management System (QMS) that is realistic, obtainable, sustainable and easily maintained.  We work with our clients to develop the right solution for their organization, considering the industry, competitive landscape, and interested parties.  In order to achieve this end, we first take time to get to know your organization, including the people, the mission and vision, core values, and strategic goals and objectives.  We have a 100% success rate for all our clients receiving certification.  We are confident in the work we provide to the extent we fully guarantee it.

Our ISO 9001 and QMS Services include:

Gap Assessment and Implementation/Remediation Roadmap. Our Gap Assessment will provide clarity on your organization’s current state and readiness.  In addition, our Implementation/Remediation Roadmap will give you the clarity needed to get you on the right path to achieving your goals.

QMS Program Charter Visual/Framework.  Our Program Charter enables transparency and effective communication by clearly displaying the processes involved in your program, the people accountable for those processes and the tools required.

ISO 9001 Risk Assessment.  While a risk-based approach is not a new concept for ISO, it is one of the changes ISO made to the 9001 standard.  The Risk Assessment is a major component of the Plan Phase and serves as a key input to developing the QMS.   Leveraging our rich experience in risk management, we work with clients to assess the risks associated with their business processes. 

Our approach ensures our clients sufficiently meet the risk assessment requirements of ISO 9001 as well as provides the clarity needed to make informed decisions, and provides the guidance needed to take immediate action.

QMS Implementation / ISO 9001 Implementation.  Leveraging our detailed understanding of the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) methodology, we work with our clients to develop the infrastructure and all the documentation required to create a successful and sustainable quality management system.  We are confident in our implementation approach to the extent we offer our clients a guarantee for ISO certification.

ISO 9001 Internal Audit.  Internal audits are one of many tools an organization can use to check whether it is compliant with its own plans and procedures.  We craft criteria and questions that are specific to your business so that you can be ensured our feedback is relevant and useful.  As part of our audit report, we provide a scorecard to visually display level of compliancy in each area in the audit, allowing you to quickly and easily see strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Our internal audit service was developed with the ISO standards in mind, thus positioning our clients for successfully obtaining certification should they choose to go this route.

ISO 9001 Audit Representation.  The ISO 9001 Certification Audit can be challenging and daunting.  To help make this process easier for our clients as well as to see our clients through the entire QMS implementation lifecycle, our team of subject matter experts, comprising of highly experienced ISO 9001 Consultants, will participate in the ISO 9001 Certification Audit as a representative of your organization.

QMS Effectiveness Assessment.  If your organization already has an established QMS, our team can work with you as part of your continual improvement efforts, helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  This service ensures your QMS is effective, working as intended and adds value to your organization.

QMS Continual Improvement.  Continuous improvement is an important component of any successful management system, ensuring your organization’s processes, tools, etc. remain relevant and effective, and continue to add value to your goals and objectives.  Our team is ready to help, providing oversight and/or hands-on management of your continuous improvement program.