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Management Systems


Every organization, system, platform, product or service requires a series of processes that are structured in manageable ways to achieve strategic and business objectives. At Shield IS, we have proven expertise in the application of the celebrated Process Approach to implement management systems for effective and efficient interaction of and with these processes for optimal outputs. In addition to creating a structure or framework for process management, Shield IS also employs continuous improvement models, such as Plan Do Check and Act (PDCA), to guarantee oversight and optimization of management systems.

The type of management systems Shield IS specializes in creating include the development of organizational structure, popularly referred to as a program charter, to clearly define roles and responsibilities within an organization that will yield better performance by introducing increase levels of transparency as well as improved communication through the introduction of managed roles and taxonomy, respectively.

Considering the fast-paced evolution and advancement in technology, businesses are faced with an increasing need for systematic decision-making around technology spend - hence where our Shield IS professionals come in. We leverage our grounded experience in technology, process management, and organizational change management, as well as an up-to-date understanding of the regulatory landscape, to provide holistic recommendations on the acquisition and application of technology.

Over the years, we have amassed a wealth of experience in implementing international, national and industry standards for management systems. Additionally, we have had remarkable success in applying the fundamental principles of standardized management systems in designing and implementing proprietary ones as needed.

Within this space, we provide a myriad of compliance solution services.

Best Practice Standards

  • Alignment: We help organizations streamline their processes and operations with the recommendations and guidelines of standardized frameworks.  Environments that benefit the most from this service are mostly newly created businesses, products or services
  • Remediation: For existing businesses and service providers that require a yardstick for measurement or the demonstration of assurance, our professionals provide guidance in identifying and selecting appropriate management system standards or guidance documents they can be assessed against.  Upon the completion of such gap and/or risk assessments, we propose roadmaps for remediating assessment results through a set of corrective actions and a work breakdown structure.  We also provide project management and facilitated implementation services
  • Compliance Mapping: As the adoption of best practice standards continues to rise, organizations that have taken strides in implementing one or several management systems can leverage the components of their system(s) in terms of organizational structure and controls towards meeting the requirements of a newly presented or emerging management standard or framework.  For example, a company that has a requirement to perform a Security Assessment and Authorization who already has implemented an ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) can use the services of our professionals in mapping the applicable controls within NIST 800-53 to the existing domains within the ISMS.  This mapping provides significant savings in time and resources while affording an effective, efficient and streamlined integration of existing business processes and practices

Custom Management System Frameworks (Proprietary or Derived)

  • Design: Requirements gathering (e.g., gap and risk assessments, mappings), visual solutions, implementation and integration plans/roadmaps, etc.
  • Implementation: Project management, remediation, organizational structuring, process definition, tools recommendation/development, etc.
  • Maintenance: Periodic/spot audits, continuous improvement, scope expansion, etc.

Additionally, we provide Management System Support Services, including:

Technology Services

  • Strategic Planning and Governance
  • Systems Integration for Infrastructure and IT Operations
  • Knowledge Management, including portal development (e.g., SharePoint)
  • Compliance Integration (e.g., Privacy, Business Continuity, Information Security)
  • Vendor Selection – Full Lifecycle: Gap assessment, vendor marketplace analysis, vendor due diligence, vendor selection and contract negotiations, implementation support
  • Tools and Services Selection (e.g., malware protection suites, colocation and cloud services, DLP, retention and ediscovery, CRM and change management) - Gap assessment, vendor marketplace analysis, vendor due diligence, vendor selection and contract negotiations, implementation support