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Operational/Performance Excellence


In today's global landscape, many organizations are faced with rising costs and increasing competition, and are therefore seeking ways to make improvements that drive bottom line results. This fast-paced and ever changing global economic system demands innovation, quality and agile organizational frameworks. Performance excellence focuses on identifying who the real customers are, determining how they define and perceive value and focusing on those activities and processes that help deliver that value. Additionally, performance excellence seeks to improve overall organizational effectiveness, promote organizational and personal learning and ensure the environment is rooted in a foundation of continuous improvement. At Shield IS, we believe strongly in the importance of helping organizations create a culture of performance excellence and continuous problem-solving. As such, we work with clients to not only solve their most pressing current challenges, but also help them create infrastructures and systems needed for them to continually solve, resolve and evolve.

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Process Engineering and Optimization